How to Schedule An Appointment

YOU MUST CALL 478-550-5050

Our appointment line is open 24/7.  

Call anytime

We process all calls in the order they are received.   

Our staff works on the unit each day, which is why you must leave a message.   The animals are always our top priority.   

Calls are retrieved in the evenings and processed as quickly as possible, typically on weekends.  Sometimes it can take a few days.  Please be patient!  Leaving multiple messages slows that process.   


Your Name 

Telephone Number 

Dog or Cat

Male or Female 

Weight of Dog

Location or County Requesting

ONCE YOU CALL & LEAVE A MESSAGE, our staff will text an appointment to you.  You will have 24 hours to confirm before your slot is offered to someone else.  Please respond.   We will send a confirmation text back to you with further information.   


please tell us when you call.

Actual calls do take longer to process as they are very time consuming.

We will always offer you the soonest available appointment for your request. 

Appointment dates may show as open; however, we may not have an opening for your particiular request.   We make every effort to update the site as quickly as possible. 

If you confirm an appointment and do not show up or cancel less than 24 hours before, our cost in time, supplies, staffing, and space has increased.   Please be courteous and notify us if you cannot keep the appointment.   

Methods of Payment Accepted





American Express

There is a $2.50 card processing fee 

We do not accept Care Credit


Is My Pet a Candidate for Surgery?

Our veterinarian performs an examination on each animal presented for surgery.   If she feels your pet is at increased risk for anesthesia, surgery, or postop complications, your pet may be declined for surgery and you will be notified.  Conditions that could result in declining your pet are:  obesity, abnormal heart or lung sounds, discharge from the eyes or nose, coughing, sneezing, hair loss, poor body conditioning, or is over the age of 5 years.   

If your female is producing milk, she will be declined.  

If your female is pregnant, spaying will terminate the pregnancy and there may be additonal medication and supply costs associated with her spay.  


Use of steroids in the past 45 days increases the risk of complications for proper healing.   Please advise our staff if your pet has been given steroids or an allergy shot. 

Our veterinarian's decision is final and is in the best interest of your pet.